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Mipsis Occupational Safety & Health 2.0

No Image health and safety allows an organization to achieve an unprecedented level of control and visibility into the overall wellness of its workforce. Our software is powerful and easy to use software which manages and analyses occupational health and safety. This enables persons with the responsibility for recording and maintaining workplace health and safety records, the ability to better manage the task and ensure successful safety outcomes to minimize

Breaktime Personal 2: Breaktime encourages regular breaks assisting in RSI prevention.Free application
Breaktime Personal 2

and the user is unable to access their pc for the length of the break. In addition Breaktime is programmed to provide regular breaks at intervals suggested by your Health and Safety Guidelines. If an employee attempted to claim RSI damages as the employee you can proove that the design of the workstation met health and safety guidelines and that the employee was sent on training courses for posture and now using breaktime you can also proove that

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Breaktime V1.00

With current Health and Safety Legislation risk assessment must be undertaken. One of these areas will be the use of keyboards as there is a risk of suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI). Breaktime assists by suggesting regual breaks. BreakTime is an application that once run will inform the user when this scheduled break should take place. BreakTime is a small application which once running minimises and sits in the system tray.

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ActiveQuality Iso 9000 Software 2.7

Open Mind Solutions provides the most flexible and adaptable standards management system software solutions for your business. Quality Management Software, Environmental Management Software, HACCP software, Health and Safety management software, 1 CFR Part 11 Compliant, Business process management software, Capa Software, Compliance Management Software, document management software, internal audit management software,

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Health-Minder 2.45: Organize health records for people and pets, and keep family health diaries.
Health-Minder 2.45

health and improve communication with doctors. Visit the Health-Minder web site for free sample of hundreds of Health-Minder information resources to find 800 numbers and Internet links for health problems. Health-Minder is a useful program for both individuals and health promotion programs for employees or patients. FEATURES: Health-Minder has easy to use data entry screens for all kinds of health information, including: major illnesses, past and

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Swimming Pool Chemicals 1.0: Swimming pool chemicals and pool care toolbar for IE. links to resources
Swimming Pool Chemicals 1.0

Swimming pool chemicals and pool care toolbar for IE. The toolbar includes swimming pool care guides and also guides to key chemicals needed for healthy swimming pool maintenance. It also provides links to health and safety guides and dosage calculation information. There is also a link to the current weather, this makes sure that you know whether your pool will need closer attention because of weather conditions.

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VersaOHS 1.1.6

versaOHS has been specifically designed, in consultation with industry-recognized OH&S consultants, to automate your Occupational Health and Safety reporting and management services. versaOHS is an enterprise OHS system providing a professional, reliable and automated system that allows you to manage your Hazards and Incidents within business and legislative requirements, always with an eye on Industry Standards where they apply.

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